Choosing Brown Hair Color

The second most common hair color in humans is brown that is followed by black hair. There are many different shades of brown from light brown to dark brown. The color depends on the levels of pigments, dark and pale. People having brown hair are known as brunettes. Brunette is a French term for brown.

Hair is one of the very distinctive traits of your body and is noticed by people immediately when they see you. You must thence be very careful in selecting the color of your hair. You will want to go for a style and color that suits you best and enhances your natural characteristics. If you choose an appropriate color for your hair, you will not only develop confidence in yourself but also look unique among others.

The various shades of brown hair color include ash brown, natural brown, golden brown, caramel, red-brown, mahogany, burgundy, and more. When you are searching for a new hair color, make sure you are well aware of the codes and how to read them. The codes on the hair color products can guide you about the many details of the shade.

The first number of the product code determines the level of the color, how dark or light it is. It is more or less very similar to all hair color brands. The second number tells you the basic tone of the shade. To know more about the tone, you may refer to the color chart of the brand you are choosing. Lastly, the third number on the hair color product code is usually only written on dyes that have a secondary tone. The secondary tone is present in hair dyes to add up more distinct features to your brown hair.

Hence, you must choose very carefully before applying a new color to your hair to give yourself a charming look!